Skopelos Map with main villagesSkopelos is the greenest island in Greece. Here, where the green of the pine-trees and the dense forest mix with the deep blue of sea and sky, creating the picture of unrivalled nature beauty, you will find yourself in an idyllic land, in a small paradise in the very heart of Greece.

Because the island of Skopelos is defined by lush green forest and the blue of the sea the International Organization of Biopolitics, on July the 5th 1997, officially proclaimed it "Green and Blue Island". More than 50% of the island area is covered by a virgin forest of pine-trees. A forest which, when you visit Skopelos, will also need your love and care in order to maintain the natural beauty and ecological balance that has survived for nearly 4000 years.

Similarly the town of Skopelos, by presidential decree, (19/10/1978 Presidential Decree 594,13-11/78). was honored as a Traditional Settlement of outstanding beauty. (The Greek equivalent of a site of Outstanding Architectural Inheritance).

Geographically Skopelos is an Aegean island situated in the central-northwest Aegean, east of Pelion and north of Evia. It has 67km of rich rugged coastline, being 17km long and 8km wide. The population is approximately 5.700 native Skopelitans and is the second largest island in the Northern Sporades (Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonnisos and Skyros).

Green and Blue the colors that dominate the island

The island belongs to the province of Magnesia and forms the municipality of Skopelos.

The town of Skopelos has 4.000 inhabitants.

There are also three more villages on the island. (We'll get to know them better in the section about places for sightseeing):

  • Glossa(1.300 inhabitants) with Loutraki (the second harbor of the island, port of Glossa)
  • Klima (50 inhabitants)
  • Elios (350 inhabitants)

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